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This collection of glasses cases is designed to appeal to the most demanding connoisseurs.

These are real precious items made from the most beautiful crocodile, python, iguana or shagreen skins the color and the touch of which add to the refinement.

Moreover, their form and their flexibility make them particularly workable and protective for a wide range of glasses, their remarkable thinness allowing them to be used in a bag or a pocket.

Exceptional skins

Only "full skin" is chosen and used for the making of the case.


The case’s linings – also called "flat edges" – perfectly mold the shaped lines and curves.


Wonderful colors linked to the excellence of European tanneries.

Handmade in France

French handicraft, a high standard and perfection guarantee.

Exceptional skins

The skins used to make the cases are chosen depending on the thinness of the grain and the size of the scales.
Only "full skin" or ventral portion is selected.


To this day, the Crocodile remains the most prestigious. Of matt or bright color, its beauty cannot fail to impress. For the alchemy of the prescious and unique to work, the alligator, the Nile crocodile (crocodylus niloticus) and the saltwater crocodile (crocodylus porosus, the most popular in leather craft) are used for the fabrication of our cases.


Java iguana, with a dark appearance and small scales, flexible and soft to the touch. The patterns remain discreet and depending on the color chosen, they seem slightly black iridescent.


Python skin shows huge patterns that differ from a leather to another offering a range of extremely rich colors.


Shagreen which is in fact ray skin, is difficult to shape; the final, rendering impresses by its delicacy, either "full grain", "sanded" or of polished appearance, shagreen will appeal to the most informed customer base.


Since ostrich is the finest and most durable leather, it is used in the manufacturing of handbags, small accessories and even luggage. The wide range of colors available enables us to respond to every client’s need and desire.


Our creations are exclusively made of textured or baranil calf leather. It gives them an understated elegance and is very much appreciated and highly valued in the luxury fashion world.


Each glasses case is manufactured in France, handicraft place of tradition, "handmade in France" a high standard and perfection guarantee.

The making stages of these cases are unchanging, from the meticulous handmade cut of the skin. The unique skin and the use of a leather crafts yarn confer resistance and solidity.

The case’s linings or "flat edges" perfectly mold the lines and curves of the future case. These are then manually polished and tinted, so that the color of the skin chosen is subtly reproduced.

Photo Gallery

A wide range of texture and colors as well as sizes.

3 different sizes

It was logical to offer three cases sizes fitting with the widest range of glasses in the best possible way.

One functional, practical, light and elegant case allow the most demanding user to insert all types of glasses and to slip it in a handbag or purse or for some people in a blazer pocket.

Moreover, the protection of the frames is perfectly assured in case of impact; the support being concentrated on the central rigid part.

The goat velvet papering the inside of the case gives a delicate touch and proves to be efficient against potential scratches.

Small case for a large number of optical frames and for solar ones of medium size

Small size

160mm x 70mm

Adapted to the largest number of optical and solar frames.

Medium case made for optical or solar frames with a thick rim

Medium size

165mm x 80mm

Mainly designed for frames with a thick rim.

Large case to hold the frames with a large volume

Large size

170mm x 85mm

Offering protection for the biggest frames in the market.

Custom-made glasses case in exotic skins



The cases that are individually made will match the dimensions of your choice.

Choose your custom-made case

The possibility to customize the case seemed to be a particularly appealing approach.

  • Crocodile finish

    Matt or vanished-colored, crocodile skin provides an unrivaled touch.
    Take a look at the shade examples.

  • Shagreen finish

    The thin granulations of the shagreen lead to a universe of refinement.
    Take a look at the shade examples.

  • Python finish

    Python is available in multicolored gradations or in plain bright colors.
    Take a look at the shade examples.

  • Iguana finish

    Guaranteed appeal for those looking for elegance and discretion.
    Take a look at the shade examples.

  • Leather craft yarn

    Its color is aways associated to the case’s but can be modified on request.

  • Linings

    The case’s linings can be modified to match with the outside color.
    Take a look at the shade examples

  • Custom-made dimensions

    We can make your case in the dimensions of your choice, if the three offered sizes are not enough.

  • Customized making

    Every wish can be fulfilled, even having your case marked with your name.

Skin selection

Here are the samples of precious skins available for the finish of your case.

( non-exhaustive list )

Click here to view the complete list of our skins






Calf skin

Linings customization

A wide range of colors allows the customization of the linings.

  • All the skins used to make our cases are from cattle farms complying with an ecological Charter( CITES certificates on request )

    Compliance with standards

  • The skins used are transformed in the best French and Italian tanneries meeting the requirements of high leather crafts


  • Rather than a fashion accessory, our case is resolutely a beautiful classic object, guaranteed to age well


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